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Naplavka: Prague boardwalks

Naplavka: Prague boardwalks are one of the most attractive locations in the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague.

Client Request

Our client requested a development of a well-arranged portal that would serve as a way to reserve spaces for selling and other business purposes and at the same time deliver a clear statement about the cultural happenings on Prague boardwalks. Part of the co-operation also included a media launch of the whole project.

Story TLRS solution

“Are we going to Naplavka after work?” this sentence was said so many times at Story TLRS that we just had to (and wanted to) take on this project. Our thinking process concerning the graphic identity logically came from the bonding element of all Prague boardwalks – the Vltava river – which left its mark on the whole identity and the newly made logo.

The creation of the web application with the purpose of simplifying the tedious process of providing short-term renting was a real challenge. The web page now serves not only the sellers but even individuals who just want to find all the information concerning the boardwalks in one place. So… when are you going to take a romantic stroll there?

More at www.prazskenaplavky.cz

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