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K10 is a modern, west-inspired coworking space created within a villa at Vinohrady that offers not only a shared working space but also a community of professionals who share their experience and know-how.

Client Request

The main goal of the creation of K10 project was finding a suitable working space and establishing a new brand on the market. Part of the co-operation was not only defining the new graphic identity, creation of a web and profiles on social media but also the overall process of taking care of the publicity of K10.

Story TLRS solution

To be totally honest – K10 was actually kind of our project, so we obviously started searching for an especially cozy home for this “start-up” and that is exactly what the charming villa located at Vinohrady, Koperníkova 10, provided us. That’s why it’s called K10! The creation of a simply structured web page and good marketing allowed us to fill the capacity of the villa within the first three unbelievable months since the start of the project. The yellow and black flag of K10 was figuratively raised even on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter) where we’re trying to show both the work life and cultural life within the K10 villa.

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