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Contactless payment card

Blesk Peněženka is an anonymous pre-paid payment card easy and secure to use. Blesk Peněženka is a project of the Czech News Center.

Client Request

The client didn’t only require the development of an attractive website but also the execution of a digital campaign that would reach clients who couldn’t be reached through standard offline channels.

Story TLRS solution

We wanted to introduce Blesk Peněženka as a fresh and practical service that would allow safe anonymous transactions and better control over spent finances. We created a graphic identity using animated characters, illustrating what Blesk Peněženka can be used for.

The playful graphics were also used when creating the new website, for social media profiles (Facebook and Youtube) and in animated videos. We also ran PPC and Facebook campaigns for promotion.

1 988

Number of fans on Facebook

31 400

Number of views on Youtube

4 500 000

Number of views of the advert during the campaign